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Founded in 2004, IBF Media is an innovative organization with a mission to accelerate economic activity in local Asian economies by fostering the full participation of business leaders in entrepreneurship, corporate governance, social responsibility and as executives and stewards of high-growth enterprises. IBF Media offers various programs and forums for professionals and executives from a number of industries across Asia to work with private equity and finance firms, banks and professional services firms to collaborate together to foster greater economic growth, influence positive social change, and increase shareholder value. IBF -The forums and conferences are a series of events that bring business and government leadership together to positively influence business activity in the economic and social ecosystem. We are striving towards high growth business activities through greater investment and a world-class corporate governance system where profitability and social values are equally important as a basis for operating in society. Entrepreneurship should be in the global public interest. IBF Media believes that economic progress without social development is not sustainable, while social development without economic progress is not feasible, especially for the burgeoning economies of Asia. Our vision for the IBF Economic Forums is threefold. They aim to be the foremost business events which help build and energize leading global economic communities; they are a creative force shaping regional economic activity and industry strategies; and they are the catalysts of choice for business and social communities when undertaking regional and global initiatives to improve the state of the world. Objectives of IBF Programs & Events * Provide forums that enable economic and social dialogue * Provide access to sources of capital and business opportunities * Ensure sustainable high-growth enterprises with top notch management teams * Develop the executive leadership of Asian companies * Enable constructive dialogue with regional, state, and federal governments


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